HaverHub has three newly refurbished rooms that are available for exhibition space. The Courtyard and Depot are additional exhibition spaces that have a more industrial feel and epic space to show larger work and installations.

HaverHub is a relaunched community space which will give artists, sculptors, musicians, poets, printmakers, actors, photographers and film makers a fresh platform to show case work produced in and inspired by Pembrokeshire.

Exhibition spaces are available as a combination of space for rent and commission-based rates.   The most diverse range of exhibitions can be staged.  Work will be for sale to support artist livelihoods and contribute to maintaining the artistic spaces at Haverhub.

The essence of the program is to broaden the number of artists showing in Haverfordwest. Encourage artists from further afield to consider the inspirational elements of Pembrokeshire, and showcase individual visions created in all types of media.

Haverfordwest is in the best possible position to benefit from the creative input of talent here and encourage a new generation to not only be inspired by what is being created around them but be encouraged to think of the professional opportunities available in the creative industries.

The exhibition program is curated by Annabel Thomas, and all interested artists are currently being considered for the program for the next eighteen months.  Recommendations of artists proposed by fellow artists and collectors for the exhibition program are encouraged and valued.  Artists of all backgrounds and experience are welcome to contact us at info@haverhub.org.uk to be included in our considerations.

The influence of an artistic centre for artists to meet, show and share ideas will strengthen our brilliant artistic community and benefit the local area as a whole.

Volunteers interested in invigilating and giving talking tours of the exhibitions are also welcome.

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