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Sell2Wales Tenders

Today the tenders for the refurbishment of the iconic grade 2 listed county post office in Quay street
Haverfordwest will go onto the public procurement site called Sell2Wales.

“Many good local building companies are on Sell2Wales already, says project director Gitti Coats.
But we know a number don’t use the site. However, because Haverhub has secured Welsh
Government Grants for this exciting renovation, there are lots of processes that have to be followed.
We really want all that new funding coming into Haverfordwest to give a boost to local firms – both
builders and M&E contractors for the heating and electrics. Therefore I urge people to let local
builders know Today’s the Day to go onto Sell2Wales – and look for Haverhub CIC. There they will
find M&E tender documents that are due for return on February 20th at Noon, and a main tender for
the building which is due for return around Feb 25th .
“I would like to give special thanks to our fantastic community-minded architect Tim Colquhoun who
has given loads of time to make a really exciting venue design that will not only be extremely
accessible but also very practical from a staffing point of view for us volunteers. After all this time I
can’t wait to see the builders arrive!” says Gitti Coats. Jerry Evans and Gitti Coats are the Haverhub
directors overseeing the building and grants to hopefully see an impressive venue open for the
county town. “Until we get the tenders back and know when builders can start, we can’t confirm
opening dates.. but we will keep the public fully informed. It will be possible for people to start
booking the new spaces in the main building, we hope, around September. There will be offices
upstairs for collaborative workspaces and small businesses, and a lovely big hall for classes, markets,
events and concerts in the stunning former post office. This is the large room with the recently
completely rebuilt large glass lantern. The yard will also become a community garden and is already
where most people spend their time socialising during our larger events .. even in winter!”

Builders and M&E contractors please Go to sell2wales and search for HAVERHUB