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Coming Soon… 


We are setting up a membership scheme to benefit our customers and give everyone a role in growing Haverhub into a community enterprise to suit all.


Become part of this new adventure and help us make Haverhub reflect you.


Anyone can join, and membership will be beneficial to all groups, whatever your normal usage of the space is. As we progress and move forward, we are hoping to develop more specialised memberships to cater for individual needs, such as for families, workspace users, volunteers and music event attendees. Whether you intend to be a frequent or occasional visitor, your membership and opinions are important to us.


To celebrate the launch of our main building in Spring 2021, we will be offering the first year* of membership COMPLETELY FREE, with affordable renewals and concessions for subsequent years. We want everyone in the community to get involved. While the building work goes on, we’ll be busy planning a programme of activities and events to welcome people back to Haverhub.


We can’t give specific membership details yet, but at this point we know that benefits will include things like:


  • Entry to members only events
  • Reduced price tickets and a membership pass for easy entry
  • Early bird and priority booking for spaces and events
  • Participation in Haverhub fundraiser draws and competitions
  • Information tailored to individual needs – specific offers, newsletters and notifications
  • Member account savings for regular space and equipment hire
  • Have your say – members can give direct feedback to our team about what they want to see happening at Haverhub and what we can improve on


We look forward to welcoming new members once we reopen. Personal details will be used to deliver membership benefits only. Information will never be shared publicly or to third parties.



*if you sign up in 2021[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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