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Inclusivity Policy
HaverHub is a Community Interest Company, and as such we take pride in being able to offer our facilities and resources to all individuals, groups, and organisations, some of which are political or advocate for change which we feel is a very important facet of a healthy and active community.
It is for this reason that we take the stance of welcoming everybody without prejudice. HaverHub does not affiliate itself with, nor condone the words or actions of any individuals, organisation, or groups that make use of our facilities. The only time we will turn someone away is if they are wanting to promote violence or hatred against other people, racism, or illegal activities. To turn someone away for any other reason of principal would be an act of prejudice on our part, contravening our all-inclusive stance.
  • HaverHub is an all-inclusive organisation that welcomes everybody without prejudice, with the obvious exceptions of those who aim to promote violence, hatred, racism, or illegal activities.
  • HaverHub itself is non-political and we welcome individuals, groups, and organisations of all political standpoints.
  • HaverHub does not affiliate itself with- nor condone the words or actions of – anyone that makes use of our facilities.