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Haverhub gets ready for the final phase of works to The Old Post Office

Following support from Cabinet last week, Haverhub has now had confirmation of the TRI capital renovation grant.

“It has been a long process,” said Project Director Gitti Coats. “Getting a number of grants to match all their requirements has been a very steep learning curve. We’re all ready to see the building turned into a welcoming social and collaborative hub where everyone can get involved.”

As the last piece in a funding jigsaw, this news allows Haverhub to spend the other grants won over the last 18 months from Community Facilities Program – WAG, the Architectural Heritage Fund, and the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant.

Builders are expected to start on site before the end of the month. The renovations could take up to six months to complete, and the whole site including the popular ‘depot’ warehouse event space and rear courtyard will be closed during this time, inquiries for the future are still very welcome.

Finance Director Jerry Evans said “We are delighted, Haverhub will be for everyone, we applaud the council for supporting us to be a part of their ambitious plans for the sustainable regeneration of Haverfordwest Town Centre.”

The renovated post office building will provide the county town with a range of spaces for classes, clubs, meetings, events, socialising, collaborative workspaces and offices, and a large space for live music. A family-friendly courtyard garden is already underway, with volunteers creating beautiful upcycled décor.

There have been many changes to work arrangements during the Covid-19 pandemic, and Haverhub Director Kenny Lewis recognises that “people will be in need of a more social and flexible workspace as we adjust to the new normal. So, we will be sharing information on hot-desking, collaborative workspaces and offices for start-ups and local companies well in advance of opening.”

Although the venue will be closed during building, there are plans in place to get people directly involved, including a new membership scheme which will be free to all local people this year. “We will also be recruiting volunteers for a wide range of opportunities,” says Mrs Coats, “including a Chairman position for our board of directors – currently being advertised.” The community venue, which relies heavily on volunteers, says that anyone interested in becoming a volunteer won’t need to wait till it reopens, and is encouraged to contact us. Haverhub also welcomes any questions about the new centre as well as people’s ideas and requests. Please send to info@haverhub.org.uk.