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A recent meeting at Haverfordwest railway brought together Transport for Wales' customer integration team and community rail group SWWales Connect, who are meeting with communities where the rail network plans to improve the stations as places to welcome local passengers and visitors, with a more personal connection to their town's.

Following support from Cabinet last week, Haverhub has now had confirmation of the TRI capital renovation grant.

“It has been a long process,” said Project Director Gitti Coats. “Getting a number of grants to match all their requirements has been a very steep learning curve. We’re all ready to see the building turned into a welcoming social and collaborative hub where everyone can get involved.”

Today the tenders for the refurbishment of the iconic grade 2 listed county post office in Quay street Haverfordwest will go onto the public procurement site called Sell2Wales.

We have some very exciting news at Haverhub, we have a new solar array installed! It will give us CO2 savings of 8.2 tonnes in the first year, 160tonnes over 20 years and financial savings of £2,500 in the first year, and £63,000 over the first 20 years. Impressive isn't it? Read on for the story behind this news...