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22KW Solar Array at Haverhub

We have some very exciting news at Haverhub, we have a new solar array installed! It will give us CO2 savings of 8.2 tonnes in the first year, 160tonnes over 20 years and financial savings of £2,500 in the first year, and £63,000 over the first 20 years. Impressive isn’t it? Read on for the story behind this news…

“Egni provides community-owned solar PV to schools, businesses and community groups across Wales: addressing climate change, providing educational resources and keeping money local. We’re delighted to be helping such an awesome community space as Haverhub reduce their carbon footprint…. and their bills!”

Egni Co-op is a community organisation which funds and manages PV installations in Wales. It was set up by Awel Aman Tawe  (AAT), a community energy charity that has been operating for 20 years. Our prime drivers are tackling climate change and engaging people in energy.

The team behind Egni has also delivered the award-winning Awel Co-op, a 4.7MW community wind farm which was commissioned in Jan 2017. It was funded by a £5.25m loan from Triodos Bank and a £3m community share offer www.awel.coop

Egni was recognised as the Outstanding Renewable Energy Project in an award sponsored by Welsh Government, at the Sustainable Academy Awards and our parent charity, Awel Aman Tawe, was recognised as Environmental Organisation of the Year in the Social Enterprise UK Awards.

As part of its new Share Offer, Egni secured the Feed in Tariff (FiT) subsidy for rooftop solar panels on sites across Wales which will have an installed capacity of about 3,000 kW. This is the largest allocation in the UK and will be the biggest rollout of rooftop solar in Welsh history. The sites include local businesses, community centres, universities, a golf course, a brewery, rugby clubs, leisure centres and schools.

The new Egni Share Offer will deliver:

  • Projected 4% return
  • 3,000kW of new solar on roofs
  • Carbon savings of 25,000 tonnes over the project lifetime
  • Educational Fund of £2m for work in schools and universities on climate change projects
  • Electricity savings of £8m for the sites over the next 30 years

This is a huge step forward for Haverhub, a huge thank you to Egni and the other organisations who have made this possible.