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Having saved this wonderful listed building to revive our county town’s social and entertainment life … we are now leasing the building and have to get your help and donations, to get started. For the big renovation we have got grant applications in, but from now until xmas it’s up to all of us to get this regeneration adventure started. The bills have started and we have some urgent repairs to do (please see donate buttons and make a contribution). We intend to get the wonderful courtyard space and two large sheds open for the public to enjoy by xmas . This is a real challenge and it will be rough and ready… but hey.. it’s people that make for a good time, not posh paintwork! You can help by coming to the events (see below and bring your family)

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HaverBeer Fest
HaverBeer Fest
August 25th to 26th 2018 Sunday 26th from 4pm After the rain! What could be nicer than spending a sunny bank holiday weekend drinking local beers and ciders with friends? Nothing! I hear you say, so……. Come and join us at the Old Post Office for two days of fantastic food, live music and of…

Please help us get this place open

While we wait for the grants – we have till xmas to open the large sheds and courtyard for xmas celebrations, markets etc. That is our goal. Help us reach it by helping raise the urgent cash so the town can get in to this new facility for a real xmas treat!

Expressions of Interest

We are currently collecting expressions of interest. Our current ideas are.... meeting rooms...market stalls...hot desking....business start up.... Is this YOU or do you have an idea of your own. Please get in touch by filling in our Expressions of interest form
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